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Credit card companies get emotional

NPR has a great podcast on what credit card companies are doing to try and predict whether you’ll be a bad credit risk. Credit card companies are basically taking your purchase history and data mining it (in a similar way to Netflix), to profile you. One study cited is Canadian […]

by × June 3, 2009 × 1 comment
Not all movies were created equal

Not all movies were created equal

After reading this New York Times article on the Netflix Prize , I thought it might be cool to register and play with some movie data.Netflix is offering a chunk of their movie rating database (2 GB worth) for download, it contains ratings for 17,770 movies and TV shows from […]

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Will you be my filter?

At some point in recent years, the Internet got away from me. My gmail inbox filled to 7,866 unread messages, I let my google news reader bloat to 1000+ unread blog posts, and a dozen lifelong friends have poked my lifeless corpse on facebook to no avail. It’s tough sailing […]

by × February 24, 2009 × 3 comments