Polaroid goes Gaga

It’s been a whole year since Lady Gaga was named Creative Director for Polaroid and in that time she’s done a lot of promo polaroid shots and participated in what may well have been the craziest brainstorms ever…

And now for the final reveal… a new line of products called Polaroid Grey Label.Including a HOT new digital/analogue polaroid camera – the GL30. It’s the same polaroid experience of instant photography … and it’s digital – what took them so long to come up with this?! I’m hoping it’s the lens thats making this thing look like it’s bigger than an Apple TV.

There’s also a pair of sunglasses with embedded camera (very Get Smart), and 2 OLED LCD screens infront of each eye that will display anything you want… like a video of someone elses eyes (not very Get Smart). Yes, you can still see through the glasses (a neat little trick) and to the viewer, it looks like you are a videotron.

I’ll let you guess which product Lady Gaga came up with…

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  1. Polaroid already has a printer-camera combo, it just does not look that retro-clumsy. I really like the idea – I have two Polaroid pogo printer myself, though I am still looking for an idea how to put it into practice 😉

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