Playsettings – Playful crockery for dextrous dining experiences

I had the pleasure of attending the Enabled By Design’s Design-a-thon event this past weekend. It’s a 24-hour design and hack event, where designers and makers get together to create new solutions for people with physical and mental constraints.

The team I worked with looked at challenges to dexterity, when people have trouble gripping and using things with their hands. We set out to re-think the everyday fork and crockery in general, to create more playful dining experiences where everyone can interact with their food in new ways.

Take a look at our concept Playsettings, it’s playful crockery for dextrous dining.

I had a great time over the 2 days, which started off with understanding the issues, to idea generation and prototyping. It’s always fun to quickly sketch up an idea and be able to build it with a 3D printer in the span for a few hours. In the end, we got carried away with making as many ideas and prototypes as we could.


  1. I have essential tremors. I would be very interested in buying the wrist watch, if they are available. Thank you, Sandy

  2. Peter williams says:

    Watched the programme about Emma, found it very interesting, we bought one of the vibrating spoons for my father who has an essential tremor, would be very interested in the wrist watch and wondered if there were any plans to take it further and if it might work with people with essential tremors

  3. Verena Teko says:

    I’ve just watched Emma draw her straight line and bawled my eyes out, since this might be such a help for my brother who has had early-onset Parkinson’s for 35 years.
    Haiyan, I am becoming your greatest fan!
    I’m sure there are millions of people out there who want to support this project!

  4. Hehe, very nice. Looks like fun. Love the Cactus one, thats got potential 🙂

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