Inspiringly Awesome

Check out Jesse Schell’s awesomely inspiring video on the future of ‘gaming’ delivered at the DICE conference.Here are a couple of juicy points:

* There are more Facebook Farmville players than there are Twitter accounts (that is 80 million players on Farmville, vs 75 million on Twitter, vs the population of the UK which is 61.4 million)

* Social, casual games play with new business models that engage the player by giving away free well-designed games, then monetizing with a virtual currency that needs to be bought with real money or traded for by signing up for products like credit cards.

* He notes a shift from the desire in people to escape through fantasy games to the desire for ‘authentic’ games, both in terms of authentic content (the authentic rockstar experience of Guitar Hero) and authentic rewards (bonding with friends via Mafia Wars).

* And he spends the last 10 mins with a great overview of how ‘gaming behaviours’ are being designed into services to motivate people into participating (i.e. points system on ebay, collecting facebook friends)

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