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Where’s your Visceral Payoff?

Where’s your Visceral Payoff?

Recently, I’ve returned to playing one of my favourite video games, Warcraft 3. I’ve always been a fan of the real-time strategy genre and specifically Warcraft as it embodies 2 aspects of video games that really appeal to my sensibilities: resource management and wanton death & destruction. It’s a solid […]

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Inspiringly Awesome

Check out Jesse Schell’s awesomely inspiring video on the future of ‘gaming’ delivered at the DICE conference.Here are a couple of juicy points: * There are more Facebook Farmville players than there are Twitter accounts (that is 80 million players on Farmville, vs 75 million on Twitter, vs the population […]

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Will you be my filter?

At some point in recent years, the Internet got away from me. My gmail inbox filled to 7,866 unread messages, I let my google news reader bloat to 1000+ unread blog posts, and a dozen lifelong friends have poked my lifeless corpse on facebook to no avail. It’s tough sailing […]

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